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Thank you for choosing Restaurant OXA

Restaurant OXA, utilities a third party booking system called Tock, the system is safe and secure and is used worldwide by some of the most recognisable restaurants in the world.

To book please select the above button to take you to our dedicated Tock Booking Page, on this page your find various ways to book, however before booking we suggest guests review the frequently asked questions

The Frequently asked questions section on our page covers 99% of frequently asked questions we have seen from guests or feel guests may like to know, this will help guests with booking or answer most questions.

Guests who are lucky enough to be given an OXA product gift voucher can also book via Tock using the voucher option which is broken down into peak and non peak periods, those with monetary based vouchers should use the Book a Seat in 8 Option.

Tock also offers helpfully offers a automated waiting list for guests who require specific dates which may currently be fully booked.

Thanks again for choosing Restaurant OXA the whole brigade are looking forward to welcoming you